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The 3 Types of Home Builders in Cleveland Ohio

Generally, in almost any city, you have 3 types of builders– Production, High-end Custom, Hands-on Custom. What we describe here is not applicable 100% to each type of builder, and some builders overlap into multiple categories, but it is generally accurate.

Production Builderscookie cutter house

These are the national chain builders that you see advertised everywhere. If you visit their website, they have locations throughout the nation. Much like a factory, each person in the organization has a specialized role and during the building process you will deal with multiple people, from salesmen to secretaries to project managers. They usually have decent offices with multiple model homes.

Pros – Inexpensive, homes are sometimes already available to buy or being built

Cons – Mediocre quality (due to bidding out jobs to lowest bidder, and high volume of homes built), many major features are “extras” (such as a garage, fireplace, basement), limited number of options/customizations, if problems occur you deal with multiple people and corporate offices which are usually inflexible, many websites with complaints from upset homeowners, “cookie cutter” homes

High-end Custom Buildersmarble house

These are the builders who build very nice homes at not-so-nice prices. They typically have large offices or showrooms, multiple model homes, and a large team of employees. They focus on the clientele for whom cost is no object, and as such finding any mention of a price for their homes on their website is like playing a game of Where’s Waldo. In return for paying a premium, you get a very high quality home by experienced professionals.

Pros – High quality (working with the same tradesmen, not lowest bidder), showroom simplifies shopping for finishings, model homes allow you to see quality in person, flexible with floor plans and changes

Cons – High cost (due to high overhead and premium charged), may be multiple people in charge of your home (ie. project manager, foreman, owner, etc…), typically builds a higher volume of homes which may mean less attention on yours

Hands-on Custom BuildersOur home

This describes Country Side Homes, and so therefore we’re just a little biased in thinking that this is the best type of builder for many people. Typically you’ll find these builders charge a fair price for a high quality home. They’re usually local professionals that build a small volume of homes each year and take pride in their work. Offices are usually small and/or unimpressive with 1 model home or possibly none.

Pros – High quality (working with the same tradesmen, not lowest bidder), one or two points of contact for everything involved with your home, can scale your project to fit your budget (capable of modest 2,000 sq ft home to luxury 5,000+ sq ft), low overhead translates to savings for homeowner with no loss in quality, flexible with changes to home or floor plan, low volume built = high attention to your home

Cons – No showroom (homeowner must shop for finishings), no model homes